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Centennial Garage Doors | When you should call a garage door repair tech

There aren’t too many times when you should call your friendly local garage door repair technician.  But there are those times.  For instance:

  • If your garage door suddenly falls off.  Completely.
  • If your garage door springs or opener break down.
  • When your children destroy your garage door by use of hockey pucks and baseballs.
  • When you decide you want to replace that unsightly garage door (or overly noisy opener).
  • When you hear a strange noise, but your garage door otherwise operates fine.

That last one may throw you off a bit, but it’s actually very important–  If your garage door starts making sounds that seem unusual; even if it’s still working fine, it’s important that you call a garage door repair company to come take a look at it.  Usually, this is indicative of a much more serious problem, and you’re getting the opportunity to fix it while it’s still a minor (and cheap) service.

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